Oil and Gas

OmniSci visual analytics help upstream, midstream and downstream decision makers in the oil and gas industry slice through the largest spatial datasets, to accelerate geospatial, data science for better oil and gas data analytics

  • A leading US oil group doubles its volume of data every 12-18 months
  • Offshore platforms run at 77% efficiency, leading to a $200bn shortfall annually
  • Advanced big data analytics for oil and gas can yield 30-50X investment within a few months of implementation

Use Vehicle Telematics Analytics to monitor fleet health and performance.

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Drill into oil and gas data for better results

OmniSci allows geo scientists to analyze the massive volumes of oil and gas fleet data being generated and stored in the well planning, drilling, and production processes. Visualize, cross-filter, and interact with your massive oil & gas datasets with transformative efficiency.

  • Improve yields by rapidly analyzing massive volumes of mapping, leasing, site preparation, and drilling data for predictive analytics in the oil and gas industry.
  • Reduce costs by improving modeling for exploration and analyzing drilling and completion operations data for real-time optimization
  • Monitor oil production in real-time to ensure quality, consistency, and human and environmental safety

Oil and Gas Use Cases

Oil and Gas Fleet Management
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Well Logging and Formation Evaluation
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“[OmniSci] taps the power of the modern graphics processing unit (GPU), and the results can be hundreds or thousands of times faster than conventional database queries.”