MapD Appoints Ché Wijesinghe as SVP of Global Field Operations

GPU analytics leader hires Cisco executive to drive worldwide sales and customer success

SAN FRANCISCO, Apr 05, 2017 /PRNewswire/  -- GPU analytics company MapD Technologies has appointed Ché Wijesinghe to lead global sales, sales engineering and customer success. Wijesinghe was most recently President and Chief Operating Officer at Neokami, an artificial intelligence software company, and previously Head of Global Sales for Cisco's data and analytics business group.

The MapD analytics and visualization platform leverages the massively parallel processing capabilities of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to query multi-billion record datasets in milliseconds and visualize complex data in real-time. Its lightning-fast SQL queries are ideally suited to exploring big data in sectors such as advertising, financial services, and telecom, where traditional CPU-based analytics solutions struggle.

"As data volumes explode, organizations will need GPU-based analytics to keep pace," said Ché Wijesinghe, SVP of Global Field Operations at MapD. "MapD has built a lightning fast database and visual analytics platform, and its speed makes a huge difference when exploring large datasets. Traditional systems take hours to run queries that MapD returns virtually instantaneously. That's the key to enabling deep, detailed analysis that simply wouldn't have been possible before."

"We're excited to have Ché on the team, with his credibility, experience and industry knowledge," said Todd Mostak, CEO of MapD. "We've hit an inflection point in analytics where CPUs are giving way to GPUs. When customers see they can query and visualize huge datasets interactively and in real-time, they don't want to go back. Ché will lead the charge into new markets and help us transform the industry."

Founded in 2013, MapD is the creator of the MapD Core database and the MapD Immerse visualization client. Customers include npm, Simulmedia, Verizon, among others. MapD can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud via AWS, Google, IBM SoftLayer and Microsoft Azure.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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